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Will future futurists relay on yesteryear's futurism, and continue the tradition of techno-fetishism, or will the superfuturists of tomorrowland surpass the superceded futurists of the past with a clean and decisive break from history? If so, what motif will this new superfuturism take on? If our new future will no longer be measured by technological development, what will it be measured by?

My Occupation

I'm starting up a new label ( to do a series of 26 CD compilations; one for each letter of the alphabet.

My Hobbies

Zighting is a scale of temperature on which zero degrees is the most comfortable, -1 degrees is too warm, and positive 1 is too cold. Three degrees is too hot or cold for life of any kind to exist. With such a rap-around thermal context as 3 degrees Zighting, a doughnut-shaped thermometer will be essential. The Zighting scale does not have a two degrees frame of reference, as there is little need for one.

For myself, zero degrees Zighting is roughly 15 - 18 Celsius.

According to Ed Taylor, zero degrees Zighting is approximately 20 degrees Celsius.

And according to Reginald Bent, zero degrees Zighting is generally 292 - 295 degrees Kelvin.

So what do you think? Where would you put zero degrees Zighting?

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